We are conscious that everything we do, from sourcing, to producing to serving has impacts on society and on the environment. That is why we do our best to treat everyone and everything with respect. We are always looking for better practices that can make a difference and make our business truly sustainable.


We love to work with like-minded people that pursue high-quality, respect and long term partnerships. We always favour organic and/or local and seasonal products whenever possible. Our main ingredient hemp seeds come from Austria. The crop grows only 90km west of Vienna and, of course, it is organic. We are happy to collaborate with a hemp farmer with 10 years experience in hemp farming, who has won several prizes for the quality of his products.
We value a lot our ingredients because we understand not only the impact on the excellence of products but also the positive effect on the environment and on society.


We are searching permanently the best energy practice for our business because our activities are quite energy-intensive.
The electricity we use comes from an Austrian company Verbund that offers renewable energy from 100% hydropower. Our local is equipped with LED lights and the refrigeration machine has been selected for its energy-efficiency.


Nothing is wasted at KONOÏ. Our company deeply believes in and puts in practice cradle-to-cradle systems. We compost all food waste and use biodegradable takeaway cutlery, plates, and recycled paper. When we work on a new product, we integrate an ecodesign approach in order to reduce wastes. Of course, we still need to work on some special items like gift boxes and continue our quest for sustainability.


Water is a primary resource for all living things. It is our duty to save clean water and restore what has been spoiled in order to pass a sustainable playground to the next generation.
That is why we promote hemp. It requires little water to grow and revitalizes soil. We favour also organic products so as to keep clean water and soil.
We also have integrated water-saving nozzle in our hand wash sink that saves up more than 80% of water.

Carbon footprint

At KONOÏ, you will not feel guilty, because we offer only plant-based food and are therefore contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of animal farming. It is time to face reality if we do not want to destroy the Earth. And you know, our body works pretty well without eating as much animal products as today.
Today the meat and dairy industry is responsible for a huge part of the global carbon footprint emission. Scientific studies have shown with great details the relationship between climate change and this huge industry. One recent study shows that it could represent as much as a quarter of all human carbon emissions.
To produce milk, cows need to be fed and nowadays this is synonym of deforestation, monoculture, and GMO culture because we consume just too much. Moreover, cows need to drink a massive amount of water every day. In addition to all that, a funny fact but not so much is that when cows fart they release methane which increases CO2 in the atmosphere. Finally, do not forget the animal waste management that acidifies ocean ph and drinking water.
Comparative studies made by non-dairy brands show that cow milk has at least 8 times higher carbon footprint compared to any dairy alternative beverage like our hemp milk.
With our hemp milk, none of this!!! Hemp grows without fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides. It breathes CO2, aerates the soil and supports biodiversity.

In the future, we plan to investigate the different aspects of our activities and products through an entire life cycle assessment project. We would like to implement an energy-saving plan to analyze our current state of energy consumption. We are particularly interested to develop a hemp milk carbon footprint analysis as well as to calculate the sustainability of our menu in order to promote efficiently delicious treats.