• High Quality
  • Our “Hemp Mylk“ is made in-house, from organic hemp seeds cultivated in Austria. Moreover, it contains more than 20% of hemp seeds, much higher than industrial plant-based milk that contains in average less than 5% of nuts / cereals.

  • 100% Natural & vegan
  • No animal products, no artificial or mysterious stuff in our kitchen.
    KONOÏ likes to keep things clear and simple!

  • Nutrient Rich
  • Since food is our first medicine and energy fuel, why not eat efficiently.
    Hemp seed is one of the most nutritional food on Earth.

  • Environmentally Positive
  • We are conscious that everything we do, from sourcing, to producing to serving has impacts on society and on the environment.
    KONOÏ is always looking for better practices that can make a difference and make our activities truly sustainable.

  • Pleasure
  • No compromise on taste for health reason.
    KONOÏ would like to offer a positive food experience, good for you, for your soul and for the Earth.